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Professional with 30 years of experience in the Commercial area (3 in Marketing Planning, 15 in Sales Team Management and 12 focused on digital products and services and marketing), with an emphasis on the Direct Selling segment.

Proven experience in the process of evaluating and modeling commercial processes in Direct Selling, which require the development of the definitions of Performance Indicators, definition of the Management and Operation Structure ("backoffice") of the Direct Selling Model, "forecast" of evolution channel and its productivity to support the commercial planning, Communication and Marketing of the channel and practical experience in the commercial management routines related to the structuring (hiring), training and management of sales teams (formal organization of the processing of goals and objectives, reports and processes calculation by the Sales Administrative).

Practical experience in the development of communication products, including content generation for outbound marketing, text editing and creation of sales support material. Interface with outbound / inbound team, sifting material and spontaneous interactions of leads to support the performance of "hunting" and prospecting customers. Intimacy as an Information Technology user applied to productivity, leveraging additional practical experience/skills in the development of communication products, including content generation for outbound marketing, writing, text editing and creation of sales support material. Interface with outbound / inbound team, screening material and spontaneous lead interactions to support the performance of customer hunting. Advanced user of information technology (Apple and Windows) and software bundles as Adobe Creative Suite (web, audio, video and image processing) applied to productivity.

Part of my professional skills includes also the dissemination of knowledge, in personal and exclusive articles published by specialized portal as "www.mundodomarketing.com.br", since 2009, and also in lectures for ABEVD - Brazilian Association of Direct Selling Companies:


  • Seminar “How to Leverage a business Direct Sales and enjoy market growth” –DirectBiz Consultants (São Paulo – October 6, 2010): Conducted a lecture on "Evolution of Channel Sales through Social Networks" for newcomers and already active Direct Sales entrepreneurs, in order to introduce an "overview" of concepts and opportunities in the use of Social Media for innovative Direct Sales business.
  • Seminar on New Trends in Technologies and Interactivity in Direct Selling – ABEVD/DirectBiz (Blue Tree Convention Plaza - São Paulo – April 8, 2003): Conducted a lecture on "New Technologies and Interactivity in Direct Selling - A Practical View," discussing issues such as the challenge of deployment and use of the Internet and new technologies supporting direct sales business.

    • e-Book (with paperback version) “Anatomia de uma operação de Venda Direta” (Self Published - Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing - 2020)

GERA: From November/2012 to April/2019 - Creation of an affordable and time-to-market product to meet the Small / Medium Business Direct Sales market. That product creation process, so called "Sgi Editions", took three months, including the generation of conceptual, business and training documentation, workflows and implementation / configuration procedures, which became the commercial standard for the company's most current Omnichannel solution.

Introduction of a new business approach to the company's pre-sales process to support the account manager team in new sales and to provide adequate product training for in-house staff.

Inception of the pre-setup assessment process, and creation of documentation for formal assessment registration and solution gap analysis.

Creation of the software main resources tutorials.

Creation of pre-sales presentations of the products and services to be offered to prospects.

Introduction of a "business approach" into Training to end users to help them better understand product features and maximize system resources in a practical way in their business.

Creation of videos about the product, the market and the clients, available on the company's intranet to support / accelerate the onboarding of new employees.

Specialized pre-sales support, preparing and conducting all online conferences and presentations for international prospects and leads, including meetings abroad: United States, Argentina, Chile and Colombia.

Leading the company's e-learning project, which aimed to create a new revenue from the sale of structured and systematic training by remote access, expanding the contracting of users' recycling, as well as creating the basis for the training of internal staff on the product, the customers and the peculiarities of the Direct Sales market.

Content writing for outbound marketing and support in the filtering of opportunities generated by the marketing actions for the Brazilian and LatAm markets, participating in the process conducted by Marketing Department to help Account Managers on hunting and sales "pipeline" flow.

INFORMATEC: From August/2005 to November/2012 - Structuring the sales department of the company, which previously had only 2 people, and was under the direct management of the CEO.

Full commercial management : Introduction of new internal processes to organize the flow of trade, aiming the adoption of a methodology for customer service, formal business proposals, concept of pipeline, building a department in charge of Contracts and its management (focusing in maximize recurring revenue and to improve services contracts), structuring pre-sales engineering team to ensure technical support to the account managers team.

Definition of "account manager" job, interviewing and hiring thereof, to direct attention to the PBX Manufacturers.

Implementation of Road Shows programming, in order to Business Partners training (the leading PBX manufacturers operating in the Brazilian market: Siemens, NEC, Damovo, Leucotron, Avaya)

"Account managers" Goals and results management, monitoring field services, pre-sales meetings and prospects visitation.

Direct support to the "board" in the restructuring the product portfolio, reviewing lifecycle thereof, defining processes of new product releases and commercial retrofitting concepts, as well as its pricing, setting the rules for sales channels, Manufacturers and End Consumer.

Consolidation of direct channels services, composed of 80 dealerships, starting from trade policies with the Master Distributor, order flow and maturation of resale policy, then improving "phase out" distribution process, in order to rescue confidence from that channel.

Direct interaction with the executive "board" for negotiation and establishment of annual sales goals.

MARKETING MANAGEMENT: In charge of marketing strategy and company image policies, hiring Press office with consistent profile bonding to the company's budget and emergencial needs; management of a systematic email marketing process that supported prospecting for leads, preparing the communication process to effectively attract proper visibility to the company in the telecom market; Inception of "outbound" content, writing articles and participating in interviews published in newspapers as Gazeta Mercantil and Teletime Magazine.

Developing a brand awareness, taking advantage of the 15 years story of the company (website "facelift", development of printed material such as brochures and marketing and product catalog, acting as the spokesperson for generating company's exposure, spontaneous media and providing guidelines of company's portfolio and solutions in reference telecom press vehicles as Teletime magazine, Adnews, CRN Magazine, PC World, Gazeta Mercantil and Radio Eldorado) - TELECOM CLIPPING LINK

New Products: Creating an ARU bundle, integrating software and hardware in order to streamline the purchasing decision of the target market, which previously depended on acquiring hardware for separate software installation process. This new product has quadrupled the sales of Voice products from 2009 to 2010.

Definition of trade policy to Managed Services, which converged to the implementation of an outsourced Tarifation Bureau; From 2009 to 2011, the company turned to establishing itselfas a solid and reliable player in the "managed services" TEM( Telecom Expenses Management) market, creating specific services building blocks, thus meeting the growing demand of that market for a reliable provider not of software, but for management services in Telecom Expenses instead .

Increasing the company's revenue after portfolio improvement, to the extent of "cloud" services over the hiring of deployment steps and configuration, "body shop"(specialized local or remote teams allocation) for effective management system and accounting and general expenses management in the environment of Telecom customer.This new services branch brought contracts with companies such as Merck Laboratories, EMS, Banco Safra, Catho, Banco Cacique / Pecunia, Rede Bandeirantes TV operators and Connected and Intertelco mobile operators.

In 2012, the successful TEM (Telecom Expenses Management) services unit called "Infoservices Core", representing more than 20% of company revenues, became autonomous as the spin-off "Informatec Technology" company, the result of T.E.M. staff from Informatec joining with Navita, bechmark company in the brazilian T.E.M. market.

Results: Working ahead of the Commercial department brought sales increment equivalent to an average of 20% per year from Jan/2006 to Dec/2011, growth on which service contracts, based on managed services and recurring license ("SaaS") and remote system management, had the largest share (representing about 25% of sales, compared with less than 10% before 2006).

NATURA.NET: From August/1999 to November/2000 - Conceptual and strategic WebSite management - Project Guidelines for Consumer, Medical and Press communities.

"Welfare Well" website content area development: Text editing and Content management.

Website Information Hierarchy definition.

Creation of campaigns and concepts of banners to publicize the site

Development partner definition and hiring; Partner Development / Web Site Management / Website content approval and publishing / Management of staff and outsourced IT partners allocated to the project

Pilot e-commerce operation coordination (Curitiba city beta-tester public, in Paraná-Brazil)

Natura.net Results

(Targets: evolution and consolidation of "opt-ins" email registrants)

NATURA: July/1994 to July/1999 (In charge of 25 Sales Supervisors / 8.000 resellers) - Hiring / Evaluation / Training / Goals Development / Funds management/ Team Recognition and Motivation strategies / Local Brand Sales Representative / Annual Strategic Operation Plan.

Best Result Management - São Paulo Area 1998:

Only Sales Manager to achieve all the sales goals of São Paulo Market Management Team (Available resellers Qty, Profitability, % Activity, turnover);

Growth in percentage share (contribution) results in capital of 30% to 32% from 95 to 98 (increase of 7% over net sales: from R$ 23 to R$ 25 million, while the whole region sales fell -1% in the same period );

Lower rate of bad debt of São Paulo and Brazil = 1.37% (SP = 1.72% = 2.8% and Brazil) and lower growth of this KPI from 1997 to 1998;

Best overshoot on the Target Sales in 98 (101%);

Smaller increase in the percentage of Inactivity Resellers in São Paulo (7.98% versus 12% of Market Management Team);

Highest percentage YTD Inactive Resellers reactivation and further evolution of this KPI comparing 1998 to 1997 (14% of growth, compared to 4% of the whole Market Manager Team).

CERAFLAME: From April/2004 to August/2003 - Initially hired to diagnose and suggest changes to the direct sales channel business model and to develop new growth prospects and sales forecast for the end of 2003 and 2004, had his contract extended to improve the business processes of "ongoing" Direct Selling Operation, actual results as follows:

Commercial guidelines statements and strategic Business Plan development independt distributors channel, emphasizing the resumption of relations, organization of business processes, Promotional strategy definition , communication support and media training.

Channel management consists of 20 distributors in nine states, and contacts to prospect for expansion of the frame.

Responsible for sales growth of 30% in the period up from October to December 2003 with minimum direct inversion, being in direct charge of promotional policies, consolidating solid business rules along with Independent Distributors, improving support materials and business process.


FAAP - Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado

1983 - 1986

Social Communications - Radio and TV Bachelor Degree

Executive Training Program at the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV)

Module I in 1998 - Module II in 2000


PA Sundridge Park


Corporate & Executive Development (Ad Hoc 1997) - Program aimed on Management, Leadership and Team Development


English: advanced reading , writing and conversation

Spanish: Intermediate level for conversation, reading and writing

Professional Highlights and Milestones

Some prominent activities along the career:

  • Avon 2006 Sales Convention

    Interviewed by TV host Serginho Groisman

  • Sales record for Biografia Fragrance

    Awarded as Natura Sales Manager

  • Natura HighLights(SP)

    MC in award events for the best Natura Consultants